1. stipule
  2. petiole
  3. dehisce
  4. cool-season legume
  5. tap root


  1. List 2 types of legume inflorescences.
  2. List 2 important legume features used in identification.
  3. List 7 legumle plant parts.

Compare and contrast

  1. raceme-umbel
  2. warm-cool season legumes
  3. petiole-petiolule

Draw and Discuss

Draw a generic legume plant and label the features. Write about which parts vary from species to species and help in identification.


Seeding depths and soil type really affect the establishment of legumes. Of a hundred seeds planted in loamy soil, those planted at 1.2 cm 59.3 plants emerged. At 3.8 cm 31.5 plants emerged. At 5 cm only 15.6 plants emerged. What is the percentage of change from 1.2 cm to 5 cm depth plantings?


Write a short paragraph hypothesizing which management practices would need to be altered when using viny vetches with grass species in a mixture.