How do I prepare the site for planting?

The first step in preparing the site for forage establishment is to assess your soil drainage. Drainage changes need to be made first.

Soil testing will show you how much, if any, lime and fertilizer should be applied.

Your soil may benefit from liming and fertilizing before planting.

Proper weed control at the site preparation stage can make the difference between establishment success and failure.

Soil Drainage

If your soil has poor drainage, you can either plant species adapted to the wet conditions, or you can improve the drainage by installing drainage tile. 

Soil Testing

Soil testing must be done in a certain way in order to accurately represent your soil. Read about how to do it right in the documents below. 

Soil Testing Documents<p> Soil Testing Laboratories

Weed Control

Controlling weeds may have a direct effect on establishment success as well as the future quality of the stand established. Some weed problems can be addressed by cultural control such as mowing, while time restraints or more persistent weeds may require herbicide application.