Name three types of grasses used for forage:

1. ___________________
2. ___________________
3. ___________________

Name three environmental factors that directly influence grass growth:
1. ____________________
2. ____________________
3. ____________________

Briefly define the following:
rhizome _________________________________________________________________
C3 plants ______________________________________________________________
auricle ______________________________________________________________

Compare and contrast the terms: warm-season and cool-season grasses.

Briefly explain how understanding grass regrowth is fundamental to grazing management decisions.

Illustrate grass regrowth with a labeled S-curve diagram.

Write a short paragraph discussing the importance of grasses in a forage-livestock system.

Calculation: If you plant 24 viable seeds per foot of row at a depth of .5 inches and the average number of seedlings that emerge is 14.14, what is the emergence percentage? If you plant the same number of seeds at 1.5 inches and 6.16 emerge, what is the emergence percentage? Hypothesize why the emergence percentages are different.