This reading test is designed to measure your reading rate and comprehension of college-level text. Being unable to comprehend the materials being presented is obviously a handicap for anyone interested in taking this course, but reading slowly can also add to difficulties in being successful with this material. It is hoped that those interested in taking this course but who have difficulty in reading and comprehending college-level text will find remediation or strategies to allow for successful completion of this material. Most of the content is not written at the college level in the National Forage and Grasslands Curriculum but some of it is and related texts and publications may be written at the college level so this test has been designed to measure the reader's ability at this level.

To complete this test, you will need a stop watch. The following article contains 798 words. The reader should start his/her stopwatch and read the entire article. When the reader has finished, stop the stopwatch to determine how long he/she took to read the 798 words. Divide the 798 words by the total minutes (measured to the tenth) to determine words read per minute.

To check for comprehension, answer the ten questions at the end of the article. The questions include recall memory, vocabulary, and comprehension and evaluation questions from throughout the article. Information on what constitutes college-level comprehension and reading rate follow the article.

If you have any questions concerning this test or would like more information on how it was developed, please contact Kimberly at [email protected]

Reading Sample