A variety of fuels can be made from biomass resources including the liquid fuels ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, Fischer-Tropsch diesel, and gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and methane. Biofuels research and development is composed of three main areas: producing the fuels, applications and uses of the fuels, and distribution infrastructure.

Biofuels are primarily used to fuel vehicles, but can also fuel engines or fuel cells for electricity generation. For information about the use of biofuels in vehicles, see the Alternative Fuel Vehicle page under Transportation. See the Transportation page for information about the biofuels distribution infrastructure. See the Hydrogen page for more information about hydrogen as a fuel.

Source: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Biofuels

Crops Used for Biofuels:
Cellulosic crops --> bioethanol
Grain crops -> bioethanol
Oilseed crops -> biodiesel