With the proliferation of electronic technology, there are many tools for better economic return for forage-livestock producers. Enterprise budgets are very helpful. But there are other softwares and computer functions available.

One new help might be the emergence of chat rooms or discussion groups. There is said to be wisdom in numbers. Placing a question or idea on one of the specific forage discussion groups may bring many clever options. Remember that many groups are not peer-reviewed and all responses present the same validity on the computer screen but may not come from the same wealth of experience.

Research is emerging that will allow farmers and ranchers to select forage crops for specific sites on their land utilizing species characteristics and GIS and weather mapping combined in an easy-to-use computer program.

Advances in the concept of "precision agriculture" may prove very beneficial to some producers. The basic premise behind precision agriculture is that profit and sustainability are maximized when every inch of land is utilized wisely. Tractors can now be equipped to spray fertilizer only where it is needed and tractor tires do not overlap. Water systems can be used only when soil indicators detect a need. Precision agriculture uses technology to prescribe exactly what is needed in each area.

It is wise to be knowedgeable of new tools for maximizing forage production.