1. tropical grasslands
  2. temperate grasslands
  3. mollisols
  4. tussock
  5. sward
  6. aerate


  1. List five differences between tropical and temperate grasslands.
  2. List three benefits of fire to grasses.
  3. List three areas that are considered tropical grasslands.
  4. List five words that are different types of temperate grasslands.
  5. List four historical events that changed the prairie grassland of North America.

Graph and Discuss

Use the following information to graph the number of acres in the U.S. used for grazing. Privately owned: rangeland 380,521,400 acres; pastureland 103,123,900 acres; cropland (hay/pasture) 77,674,600 acres; grazed forest 137,241,100 acres. Federally owned: rangeland 262,742,000 acres (Sprague, 1974). Discuss the graph in a short paragraph.

Visually Display and Discuss

Draw, label and discuss the grasslands of the world in a way that emphasizes their considerable amount of land, their location and the characteristics of their grasses.


Of the federally-owned rangeland (mentioned in the above Graph and Discuss question), the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture administers 105.4 million acres. The remaining acres are administered by The Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior. What percentage do each administer? How does each compare to privately-owned rangeland?


Write a paragraph describing how diversity in animals, insects and fowl impacts the temperate or tropical grassland.