Rationale:  This learner survey is provided to better understand the background and specific needs of students and to effectively revise the National Forage and Grasslands Curriculum. 

Learner Survey:

1. In which region of the U.S. do you live?

a. northwest d. southeast
b. southwest e. midwest
c. northeast f. other

2. Class status:

a. high school graduate e. senior
b. college freshman f. graduate
c. sophomore g. postgrad employed
d. junior h. other

3. What is/was your college major?

a. agriculture d. economics
b. biology e. other
c. pre-veterinary

4. Career choice:

a. farmer d. consultant
b. extension agent e. veterinarian
c. agri-business f. other

5. What is your environmental background?

a. farm d. small town
b. city e. other
c. large town

6. Percent of this course you plan to complete

a. 0-20% d. 60-80%
b. 20-40% e. 80-100%
c. 40-60% f. unsure

7. Gender

a. female b. male

8. What is your reason for taking this course?

a. required for major
b. personal interest
c. job requirement

9. With which of the following animals have you had experience (circle all that apply)?

a. beef cattle e. sheep
b. dairy cows f. goats
c. horses g. other
d. deer h. no experience

10. Age range

a. under 25 c. 40-59
b. 25-39 d. over 60