Selecting Species and Varieties

What plants make good silage?  

Warm and cool season grasses make excellent silage. Legumes generally can be made into good silage as well, but any forage with a very high nitrogen content can alter the ensiling process and cause the product to be less palatable to livestock. 

Warm season grasses: (Corn / Sorghum/sudangrass, etc.)

Cool-season grasses: (perennial ryegrass / orchardgrass / tall fescue, etc.) 

Legume species:  (alfalfa and others)

Making Silage

How do you ensure success?  

Silo Fires

What are the causes and how do I avoid it?  

Safety Issues

What should I be aware of before I make silage? 

Quality Evaluations

How do you test for high quality silage?

Alberta Government - Evaluating Silage Quality

Marketing and Sales

How much is silage worth?