Once the big questions are discussed there is a framework to begin the task of looking at the details. The microeconomic questions refer to those decisions that are more specific and involve day-to-day operations. Microeconomic questions are numerous and should be asked often to make the most of changes in weather, markets, and farm conditions.

Although there are more than four area that are helpful to consider when asking microeconomic questions, the following list may help:

  • farm personnel-numbers, experience, talents, needs
  • equipment-types, condition, sufficient numbers
  • species-mixtures, condition
  • livestock-condition, age, productivitiy, health
  • land-enough, condition, utilization

Microeconomic questions center around what can be done yearly, seasonally, and daily to improve the economic picture. When to harvest is a classic microeconomic question. It involves an understanding of plant growth and yet it must balance yield with quality. It influences several other forage areas.