Raising healthy livestock requires attending to several fundamental concepts:

  • Purchase healthy animals
  • Develop an area to safely keep new additions or sick animals quarantined from the rest of the herd
  • Keep livestock equipment, feeding areas, and housing clean and comfortable
  • Provide protection from wind and precipitation during inclement weather
  • Construct permanent fencing along property boundaries
  • Construct facilities that allow for safe and efficient handling of animals for health procedures
  • Provide sufficient quantities of high-quality forages and supplemental nutrients, including salt, minerals, and clean water
  • Restrict grazing on excessively wet pastures
  • Provide proper vaccinations and other appropriate health care

Adapted from: Guide to raising healthy beef cattle


Animal Population

        2018 Oregon Livestock inventory (USDA)

Diseases/infections present

        World: Disease alerts (World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE)  

        Oregon: Disease programs (

Economical and ethical production systems

        Oregon’s Cattle Industry

        Goat Report (AGF & USDA)

        Sheep Report-USDA

        Oregon Livestock Identification and Inspection 


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