The Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Extension Program is organized by 19 work groups relating to these broader areas of subject matter:

  • Crops and plant products
  • Animals and animal products
  • Economics and policy related to natural resource agricultural and technology issues and opportunities
  • Environmental quality
  • Food processing and value-added products

All of these integrate into economic, social and environmental improvements in various communities or for various industries.

Value to OSU Extension

  1. Delivery of the latest science-based information to Oregon’s beef, dairy, silage and hay sectors.
  2. Faculty mentoring, scholarly activities, and professional development.
  3. Support for new and transitioning faculty; opportunity to discuss expectations of roles (example, PoP).
  4. Collaborative engagement of Extension faculty to support sustainable economic, social, and environmental impact of the forage and livestock sectors.


  • Sam Angima, OSU Extension Agricultural Program Leader
  • Serkan Ates, Assistant Professor and Pasture Research Agronomist
  • Dave Bohnert, Extension Beef Nutrition Specialist
  • Mylen Bohle, Crook County Extension
  • Cassie Bouska, Coos County Extension
  • Fara Brummer, Lake County Extension
  • Troy Downing, Tillamook County Extension
  • Scott Duggan, Deschutes County Extension
  • Melissa Fery, Benton, Lane, Linn County Extension, Small Farms Program
  • Shelby Filley, Douglas County Extension
  • Ricardo Mata-Gonzalez, Interim Department Head, Animal & Rangeland Sciences
  • David Hannaway, Extension Forage Specialist
  • Leticia Henderson, Baker County Extension
  • Andy Hulting, Extension Weed Specialist
  • Gordon Jones, Jackson County Extension
  • Ian McGregor, Klamath Basin Research & Extension Center
  • Amber Moore, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist
  • Steve Norberg, Washington State University
  • Ray Qin, Umatilla County Extension
  • Elif Sahin, Crop Science MS Candidate
  • Muhammet Sahin, Crop Science MS Candidate
  • Tom Silberstein, Klamath Basin Research & Extension Center
  • Guojie Wang, Assistant Professor and Forage Research Agronomist Union Station


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