Forage and livestock systems are some of Oregon’s most important agricultural enterprises, economic drivers, and environmental services providing activities. The value of Oregon’s forages, hay, silage, and improved pastures exceeds $957 million. Livestock production, including beef, sheep and goats, dairy, and horses, exceeds $1.2 billion. Thus forage and livestock systems far exceed the value of wheat ($368 M), grass seed ($411 M), potatoes ($171 M), and even nursery crops ($745 M).

This web site project draws on Oregon Extension and research faculty with assignments in the areas of forage and livestock systems to develop an integrated information resource to support forage and livestock system operators, public land managers, and those who advise and support these entities with 24-7 access to accurate, science-based, practical information.

Development Team

Project Leader: 

David B. Hannaway, Extension Forage Specialist, Corvallis

Project Manager:

Linda Brewer, Corvallis

Drupal Web Support: 

Sara Monk, College of Agricultural Sciences

Graphic Design, Images, and Science Communication:

Kayleen Schreiber

Video Selection and Editing:

Jamie Schreiber

Graduate Student Resource Researchers and Draft Developers:

Elif Sahin, Muhammet Sahin, and Shixiao Yu

Animal Science Consultant:

Claudia Ingham

Collaborating Working Group Members

Serkan Ates, Animal & Rangeland Sciences, Corvallis

Gordon Jones,  Central Point

Mylen Bohle, Prineville

Ian McGregor, Klamath Falls

Cassie Bouska, Myrtle Point

Ray Qin, Hermiston

Fara Brummer, Lakeview

Rich Roseberg, Medford

Troy Downing, Tillamook

Tom Silberstein, Klamath Falls

Scott Duggan, Prineville

Christy Tanner – Ontario

Leticia Henderson (Varelas), Animal & Rangeland Sciences, Baker City

Guojie Wang, LaGrande

“Junior Members” and Northwest Forage Specialist Collaborators

Dave Bohnert, Burns

Andy Hulting, Corvallis

Emily Meccage, Montana State University

Steve Fransen, Washington State Univ.

Steve Norberg, Washington State Univ.

Glenn Shewmaker, University of Idaho

Lead Content Experts

OSU extension and research faculty, regional specialists, and agribusiness professionals have been identified for serving as Lead Content Experts for each of the topic and subtopic areas. Their contribution will be noted at the bottom of each content section.


The cost of this project is being borne largely by OSU Extension faculty, existing computer facilities, donated expertise and time of Extension specialists and research scientists in the northwest, and supporting industry consultants and advisors.

Financial support for development and updating of this web segment is acknowledged from Oregon State University’s Forage & Livestock Systems Working Group of the Agricultural Extension Program and the Oregon Collaborative Hatch Project ORE00217: “Developing seasonal production profiles of key Oregon forage species using crop modeling and field validation for sustainable forage-livestock systems.”