Tall fescue sports turfs may be topdressed with sand or suitable soil immediately after core aerification. Topdressing following coring can alter the soil physical properties (Henderson, 2007; Zontec, 2005) while leveling the surface (Quast, 2004). Factors such as tine diameter, length and spacing, soil depth, sand content of the root zone, and topdressing thickness influence the effectiveness of core aerification and topdressing (Li et al., 2004). Topdressing with compost may improve the overall quality and fall-color retention of turfgrass while increasing the soil nutrient concentration, electrical conductivity, and water retention, and reducing the bulk density of the surface soil (Johnson et al., 2005, 2006). Since molds and fungi in topdressing materials can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-approved dust masks or respirators should be worn when topdressing during dry or dusty conditions (Richard, 1995).


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