Marketing of forage tall fescue [Lolium arundinaceum (Schreb.) Darbysh.] seed comprises all components of product, price, distribution, and communications to satisfy livestock and pasture owners' needs and desires. The forage tall fescue seed industry is fragmented and varies widely in structure. The kinds of tall fescue seed on the market today include both public cultivars, which are freely available to all producers and users, and private cultivars, which are controlled by the owner or licensee and are protected by law. Seed laws and statutory regulations reduce the role of governments in economic activity, provide consumer protection, and give opportunities to seed companies to breed, test, and market new cultivars. Legal protection of a cultivar and controlled marketing attract the investment required for product development, promotion, and education needed to deliver new benefits to livestock and pasture owners. Livestock and pasture owners base their decision to purchase seed of a forage tall fescue cultivar on expected product performance, supplier performance, and price. Contact details are listed for suppliers of forage tall fescue seed in five countries.

Keywords: public cultivars, private cultivars, seed distributors, seed retailers, seed label, plant patent, plant variety protection, certified seed.


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