Hillside Pasture Chapter 1: Origin and History

Carl S. Hoveland

Tall fescue auricles Chapter 2: Systematics and Morphology

Kelly D. Craven, Keith Clay, and Christopher L. Schardl


Tall fescue suitability map USA Chapter 3: Development of Suitability Maps with Examples for the United States and China

David B. Hannaway, Christopher Daly, Michael Halbleib, Daniel James, Charles P. West, Jeffrey J. Volenec, David Chapman, Xianglin Li, Weixing Cao, Jinbo Shen, Xuezheng Shi, and Steve Johnson

Physiological responses of endophyte Chapter 4: Abiotic Stresses and Endophyte Effects

David P. Belesky and Charles P. West

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Tractor Chapter 5: Establishment and Renovation of Old Sods for Forage

Henry A. Fribourg and Gavin Milne

Tall fescue plant with roots Chapter 6: Management to Optimize Grazing Performance in the Northern Hemisphere

Craig A. Roberts, Garry D. Lacefield, Don Ball, and Gary Bates 

Tall fescue in field with clover Chapter 7: Management in New Zealand, Australia and South America

Gavin Milne

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PESTS (8-10)

Tall fescue with disease Chapter 8: Diseases and Endophytes

Garrick C.M. Latch

Tall fescue insect pest Chapter 9: Insect Pests

Alison J. Popay 

Tall fescue nematodeChapter 10: Nematodes

Patricia Timper

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ANKOM 200Geound tall fescue samples Chapter 11: Nutritive Value

Joseph C. Burns 

Endophyte chart Chapter 12: Physiological Basis of Fescue Toxicosis

J.R. Strickland, D.E. Spiers, L.R. Fletcher, J.W. Oliver, and G.E. Aiken

Structures and amino acids in the common ergopeptine alkaloids of the tall fescue/N. coenophialum symbiotum. Chapter 13: Alkaloids

Lowell Bush and F.F. Neil Fannin

Endophyte symbiosisChapter 14: Tall Fescue -- Endophyte Symbiosis

Michael J. Christensen and Christine R. Voisey 

Antibody test for N. coenophialum endophyte in cross-sections of tall fescue tillers Chapter 15: Measuring the endophyte - Plants, fields and farms

David J. Barker, Nicholas S. Hill, and John G. Andrae 

Cattle Chapter 16: Endophyte Effects on Cattle

John C. Waller 

Nursing Foal Chapter 17: Toxic Effects of Endophyte in Horses

Dee L. Cross 

Seed harvesting Chapter 18: Toxic Effects of the Endophyte in Seed Straw

A. Morrie Craig 

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Karyotype of 6x tall fescue Chapter 19: Breeding, Genetics and Cultivars

Andrew A. Hopkins, Malay C. Saha, and Zeng-Yu Wang 

Endophyte mycelia being inserted into a tall fescue seedling to introduce a novel endophyte.Chapter 20: Deployment of Novel Endophytes in the Tall Fescue Commercial Seed Trade

Joe Bouton 

Genome Chapter 21:Genomic Tools for Improvement

Malay C. Saha, Andrew A. Hopkins, and Zeng-Yu Wang

Chapter 22: Transgenesis

Zeng-Yu Wang, Andrew A. Hopkins, and Malay C. Saha

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Field of tall fescue for seed production Chapter 23: Seed Production

M. Philip Rolston and William C. Young, III 

Festuca sp. with sclerotia of Claviceps purpurea Chapter 24: Diseases in Seed Production

Stephen C. Alderman, William Pfender, and Cynthia M. Ocamb 

Mann Farm & RanchChapter 25: Seed Marketing

Tony Stratton 

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Tall fescue sod collectionChapter 26: Tall Fescue as Turf in the United States

Thomas J. Samples, John C. Sorochan, Leah A. Brilman, and John C. Stier

Chapter 27: NRCS Plant Information and Conservation Practice Standards

James Henson and Marc Safley

Contour Chapter 28: Conservation: Erosion Control, Soil Management, Remediation, and Wildlife Habitat

Richard E. Joost

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Tall fescue plant at flower Chapter 29: Accomplishments and Challenges

Henry A. Fribourg, David B. Hannaway, and Charles P. West

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The online version of the Tall Fescue for the Twenty-first Century monograph, copyrighted by Oregon State University in 2009, can be accessed at http://forages.oregonstate.edu/tallfescuemonograph. Reproduction of any portions of the text, figures, graphs, tables and images is permitted for non-commercial educational purposes only, provided that proper credit to Oregon State University is given, citing the publication, its source, and the date of publication.