How Well Do You Know Your Grass(es)?

This checklist is designed as a guide for those who wish to improve management strategies for a more sustained growth pattern in forage grasses. Prompt, competitive regrowth is a primary goal in any system involving deferred or rotational grazing. The checklist will provide an inventory of your current understanding and highlight areas for new knowledge. This will prepare you to acquire the most you can from this discussion of grass growth and regrowth.

1. With which grass species are you most familiar?


Common Name: _________________________

Scientific Name (Genus and species): __________________________________________________________________


2. Which of the following characteristics describe your grass?


Life cycle: annual (summer / winter), biennial, perennial


Types: tall, short, bunch, sod-forming, warm season, cool season, jointed, nonjointed


3. Describe or draw the first year of growth for your grass.


4. What triggers your grass' transition from vegetative growth to floral or reproductive growth?


5. What guidelines govern your grazing/mowing schedule?


6. How does your grass respond to the following different conditions: defoliation leaving a 1" stubble, defoliation leaving a 4-6" stubble, denuding, dry conditions for 40 days, frost, heavy spring precipitation?


7. What is your grazing system?