The educational design of the Grass Growth and Regrowth Project centers around making scientific information understandable, meaningful, and useful to farmers and ranchers. Currently, much is known about specific grasses and their capacity to regrow after being cut or grazed but the information is scattered in various sources. Therefore, poor management of grasses remains a common problem, sometimes catastrophic as in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's, but more often just very inefficient. Optimal utilization of grasses could be a major asset to agricultural sustainability.

The content experts involved in this project have collected the knowledge, interpreted its importance, and applied the knowledge to management practices. The instructional designer has utilized the work of the content experts to develop, revise, and offer teaching materials so that a novice can learn to better manage his/her grasses. The educational design addresses differing learning styles - making the science clear to all learners. The information is chunked into meaninful parts so retention is enhanced. Checklists, practice scenarios and related resources are provided. The developers of this project invite others with knowledge and materials on grass growth and regrowth to contribute to this project.