The Grass Growth and Regrowth Project is envisioned to become a current and complete source of information about grass growth and regrowth related to defoliation management. The concept is to create peer-reviewed information that is developed for the web and accessible to "interested learners" where ever they are when ever they want access to information. A distributed model is being used; providing links to information located around the globe.

The Grass Growth and Regrowth WWW Segment is being developed by a team of authors with expertise in various forage-related disciplines; agronomy, plant physiology, and animal science. In addition, the development team includes individuals with expertise in instructional and graphic design, editing, indexing and archiving, and computer technology working together with the subject matter specialists to develop this resource. The team includes public and private entities including universities, governmental agencies, and agribusiness representatives.

The review process will be developed with the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America (the tri-societies). A process similar to that used for journal publication reviews will be used to ensure a quality product suitably developed and targeted for the multiple web audiences.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and your contributions to this project. Please contact Kimberly.