There is little information on the effect of orthopteran pests on tall fescue. In the United States an introduced species of mole cricket [Scapteriscus borelli (Giglio-Tos)] is a serious pest of pasture and turf grasses, but its distribution appeared to be confined mainly to the Southeast (Hudson 1995). These crickets eat both roots and foliage of grasses and cause considerable damage by their tunneling habits. Black field cricket [Teleogryllus commodus (Walker)] occurs both in New Zealand and Australia, where it tends to be a sporadic but sometimes serious pest. Established tall fescue plants can be damaged moderately by cricket feeding (Blank and Olson, 1987); this species also feeds extensively on seeds and young shoots of grasses, causing considerable damage in establishing pastures. Australia is also home to a complex of grasshopper species, some of which are serious pests in pastures, but their feeding habits on tall fescue have not been documented. There is no published information on the effect of endophyte in tall fescue on this group of insects.


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