Herbicides make it possible to kill an existing tall fescue stand where tillage machinery may not be able to operate safely. Herbicides can be used on slopes that can be traversed by a tractor-mounted sprayer and a no-till seeder, and they also can be sprayed on steeper slopes where backpack sprayers and hand seeders are practical. The nonselective herbicides paraquat and glyphosate are effective in killing tall fescue as long as the grass is growing actively. In general, glyphosate is more effective in spring and summer than paraquat because warm temperatures may enhance its absorption and effectiveness and the plant is stressed and depleted of carbohydrates. Paraquat typically is more effective in fall and at cooler temperatures. A total kill of E+ tall fescue can be obtained only when the first application of either paraquat or glyphosate in late summer or fall is followed 2 to 3 wk later with an application of paraquat.

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