Table 26-6. Type of damage and signs of several insect pests of tall fescue (Shetlar et al., 1983).


Type of damage 


Armyworms Noctuidae (several species)

Surface feeding (snipping
or cutting).

Brown patches of dead grass usually appear in sun; plant population is sparse; and soil remains firm.

Cutworms Noctuidae (several species)

Sod webworm Crambus spp. and others

Japanese beetle Popilla japonica

Surface discoloration resulting
from subsurface damage.

Distinct or irregular yellow or brown patches; poorly rooted sod can be lifted like a carpet; and soil loosened or spongy.

May (June) beetle Phyllophaga spp.

Northern masked chafer Cyclocerhala borealis

Southern masked chafer Cyclocerhala lurida


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