Development of the Species Selection Information System (SSIS) WWW segment is being led by David B. Hannaway, Forage Program Director of the Department of Crop & Soil Science of Oregon State University.

Educational design is being provided by Kimberly J. Hannaway, Instructor, OSU Department of Crop & Soil Sciences.

Graphic design was created by Carla Jean Hall, Kitchen Table Graphics, Inc.

The OSU Department of Crop & Soil Science Web implementation team is led by Webmaster Sara Griffith, with assistance from computer scientist Jia Jin, Zhigang Song, Taein Lee, Jun Zhang and student assistants Christina Larson, and Dan Meyers.

Geographic, climate, and soil aspects of the project are being coordinated by Christopher Daly, Director of the Spatial Climate Analysis Service, with assistance from Matt Doggett and Mandy Matzke.

Economic analysis is being led by Roger Kraynick (Emeritus Professor), Junjie WU (Professor) and Min He (Graduate Student) from the department of Agricultural Resource Economics, Oregon State University, with assistance from faculty of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Economics, Beijing.

University, agency, and industry-based plant species experts from around the world are providing their specific expertise for plant characteristics and suitability zones.