Project Description

Project Rationale

Overall Project Goal and Objectives


The Species Selection Information System (SSIS) is a collaborative project to create a web-based, multi-language, comprehensive knowlege resource to assist land managers and other decision makers in choosing forage and conservation species that are optimally matched with their environment.

Components include:

  1. climate and soil spatial data layers,
  2. a database of plant quantitative tolerances,
  3. GIS-based species suitability maps,
  4. a web-based decision support system including an Internet Map Server and alternative futures framework, and
  5. professional development opportunities for project cooperators.

Outside of the USA, targeted areas for this program focus on countries and regions with an immediate need for enhanced food security, poverty reduction, and rural community development. Projects are developed in the context of on-going country-wide programs involving dozens of universities, agencies, organizations, and companies.

USDA Grants in Support of SSIS