Sheep grazing - Grand Ronde - Bob Klinger's ranch

Forages are grown on 2.982 million acres in Oregon, with hay alone ranking 3rd of all Oregon crops with a value of $585 million.  Oregon’s most valuable forage crop is alfalfa hay, grown on 420,000 acres, a production of over 2 million tons and valued at $354 million.  Other hay is grown on 680,000 acres and the 1.36 million tons is valued at $231 million.  Cultivated pastures are grown on 850,000 acres, with the 2.5 million tons valued at $175 million. Hill-land pastures are grown on 1 million acres, with 3 million tons and valued at $150 million. Corn silage is grown on 32,000 acres, produces 864,000 tons and is valued at $43 million.  In total, Oregon forages are valued at $1.184 Billion.

In addition to their financial value and support of Oregon’s livestock industries, forages protect and improve soils, promote less pesticide use, diversify income, and add beauty to the landscape.

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