Tall Fescue/Endophyte/Animal Relationships


Endophyte Effects on Animals

Endophyte Effects on Plants




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Current Outlook

There are many studies in progress which may answer remaining questions relating to the fescue endophyte, and perhaps provide additional solutions. Without question, application of the existing and forthcoming technology relating to this breakthrough will have an immense impact on livestock production in the fescue growing region of the United States, and perhaps in many other parts of the world.

Prepared by Drs. Don Ball and Steve Schmidt, Extension Agronomist/Professor, are Associate Professor of Animal Science, respectively Auburn University: Dr. Garry Lacefield, Extension Agronomist/Professor, University of Kentucky; Dr. Carl Howland, Terrell Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, University of Georgia, and Dr. William C. Young, III, Extension Seed Specialist/ Assistant Professor.  Oregon State University.  Funding for this publication was provided by the Oregon Tall Fescue Commission, Salem, Oregon.