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What Is It?

The Grazing Lands Forum (GLF) is a coalition of twenty-nine organizations, Federal agencies, professional societies, and individuals that seeks to promote cooperation to improve stewardship on America's public and private grazing lands and associated water resources. Grazing lands include range, pasture, and forest lands grazed by livestock and wildlife. GLF seeks to improve cooperation by increasing knowledge, understanding, and awareness. The Forum process is the most important of GLF's activities.


The Forum process promotes an ongoing exchange of information and viewpoints about selected grazing issues. Each year the process culminates in a conference designed to foster open discussion among representatives of GLF's diverse membership. The results of these discussions are presented in in-depth reports.

How Do You Participate?

Individuals are welcome to participate in the yearly forum, now held annually in Washington, D.C. on the 30th of November or during the first week of December. The location frequently has been the Hall of States Building (444 North Capitol Street) which is near Union Station. Contact the current GLF secretary to be placed on the mailing list.


Executive Secretary: Ralph Giffen
Society for Range Management
National Capitol Section
P.O. Box 23483
Washington, DC 20026-3483
Telephone: 202-205-1455
Facsimile: 202-205-1096

President: Jim Fox

First Vice President: Martin Massengale
Center for Grassland Studies
Lincoln, NE

Program Chairman: Fee Busby

Past President: Greg Hendrix
Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA
P.O. Box 2890, Room 6142
South Agriculture Building
Washington, DC 20013
Telephone: (202) 720-0436
Facsimile: (202) 720-2646

Coalition Member List


First Forum: Water Quality and Grazing Lands Management (1986)

Second Forum: Multiple Use Values and Management of Grazing Lands (1987)

Third Forum: Grazing Lands and the Conservation Reserve Program (1988). Executive Summary and Report

Fourth Forum: Strategic Planning for Grazing Land Issues (1989)

Fifth Forum: Research and Education Needs of Grazing Lands (1990)

Sixth Forum: Environmental Impacts on Grazing Lands (1991)

Seventh Forum: Public Policy on Private Grazing Lands (1992)

Eighth Forum: An Explosion in Slow Motion: Noxious Weeds and Invasive Plants on Grazing Lands (1993)

Ninth Forum: Rangeland Health (1994)

Tenth Forum: Partners in Conservation (1995)


Eleventh Forum: Sustaining the Landscape -- Sustaining the Lifestyle



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