MatchClover SELECTION TOOL Page:



The SELECTION TOOL section of MatchClover provides a Decision Support Tool for selecting the “right” clover for your location, climate, soil, intended use, and management level.  Several choices within each section will be possible. When each section choices have been indicated, the clovers suitable for your conditions will be identified.


Clover Selection Decision Tree

Location: zipcode, state and county, latitude and longitude

Climate: USDA plant hardiness zone, PRISM temperature and precipitation grids, annual precipitation, ave min and max temp

Soil: USDA WebSoilSurvey, SSURGO grids, soil test information

Intended Use: forage (hay, silage, grazing), monoculture or mixture, soil improvement (green manure), soil protection (cover crop), pollinators, beautification

Management Level: optimal, moderate, minimal

Species Characteristics for Matching: climate tolerances, soil tolerances, suitability for various uses and management level